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When interpreting simultaneously, the interpreter translates the original speech in real time. This is the most dynamic and smooth type of interpreting, suitable for any type of event, especially when the attendance is high or the event is multilingual. Simultaneous interpreting requires professionals with tremendous levels of preparation and skills. AltaLingua offers its clients the services of professional interpreters, who have a broad experience and an excellent command of both the working languages and the interpreting techniques. To guarantee the best quality service, the interpreter has to have immense cultural knowledge and a specialisation in specific thematic areas, which ensures an accurate use of terminology and phraseology.

Simultaneous interpreting can be divided into three categories:

  • Simultaneous interpreting in booths: this is the most suitable for important congresses, specialised seminars and/or international meetings with two and more working languages used. This system is the most technically complete, and renders the best results, as the translation is being made in real time, without any limit of the number of listeners. It requires a soundproof booth, equipped with ad hoc sound equipment and the presence of a sound technician. It is ideal, for instance, for congresses, symposia, conferences and seminars.

  • Simultaneous and whispered interpreting (chuchotage): here, the interpreter is whispering the messages of the speaker to the participant in real time and does not need any technical equipment. The interpreter has to listen to the message with perfect clarity. This is ideal for interviews, visits or short meetings where all bar one or two people speak the same language.

  • Simultaneous interpreting with Inforport: this is a modern, portable, wireless interpreting system that includes a transmitter with a small microphone for the speaker and receivers for the listeners. It is ideal for reunions with up to 20 people, guided visits or sessions that require visiting organisations or factories, in which most of the people know both the working languages, and in situation which do not allow for the use of an interpreting booth and the presence of a technician.

Taking the event’s characteristics into account, AltaLingua advises clients on the type of interpreting that best suits their needs, as well as the equipment that is required, which we can make available for the client.

To put in a nutshell, the main characteristics of simultaneous interpreting are:

  • The interpreter operates in real time.
  • It is necessary when the audience is numerous or during multilingual events.
  • It requires the use of technical equipment.

AltaLingua has a team of professional interpreters whose mother tongue is the target language, in order to offer maximum territorial coverage throughout Spain at the best price for every language.

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