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Translation of School And University Documents

More and more people decide to study, do an internship or work for a certain amount of time in another country. No matter whether it is to study, to do an internship or to find work, it is essential to have a valid certified translation of your degrees, certificates and school records which validate the studies you’ve undertaken, as well as a quality translation of your cover letter and CV, which take into account for the variations, format changes and particularities of each country. Knowing the language is not enough, the translators must know the educational systems of the different countries, their formalities and the peculiarities of the different labour markets; requirements which AltaLingua’s translators perfectly comply with.

Generally, ministries, institutions and organisations from different countries require the translation of university documents to be certified. AltaLingua often carries out certified translations of university documents such as:

  • Secondary Education academic records
  • High School and Baccalaureate academic records
  • Vocational and professional diplomas
  • Undergraduate degree certificates
  • Master’s degree certificates
  • PhD certificates
  • Provisional certificates
  • University academic records
  • Internship certificates
  • Mobility charters
  • Professional accreditation certificates
  • Professional association certificates

Furthermore, each day AltaLingua translates other documents related to university, that usually do not require a certified translation, such as:

  • End-of- degree projects
  • Bachelor theses
  • Analyses and studies
  • Academic publications
  • Academic papers
  • Dissertations
  • Theses

AltaLingua translates the above mentioned documents both into Spanish, with regards degrees, records and certificates issued in other countries and into other languages when the documents are issued in Spain.

Besides, if you are looking for an internship or job in a country that is not your own, it is essential to have a CV and cover letter that are perfectly translated and culturally adapted to the labour market of the target country. Differences can be observed from one country to the other, when writing and presenting a cover letter or a CV, with regards to the order that the information is presented in, as well as the length, content and style. If these are considered, it can be a great help when it comes to looking for a job or attending an interview.

About AltaLingua

AltaLingua is a leading company in the translation and interpreting sector. We work with the most prestigious universities and with more than 500 companies all over the world. Moreover, we translate into 30 languages each week thanks to our native translators who guarantee the best quality translations that are adapted to each project’s requirements.

AltaLingua has been offering simple and certified translation services for more than 10 years and has implemented Quality Management Systems based on Standards ISO 9001:2015 and UNE-EN 17100:2015.

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